Gravel driveway paving is certainly one of our most popular services, and for good reason. Not only can large projects be completed within a short period of time, but we offer a wide range of aggregates in order to accommodate individual requirements. Interestingly enough, gravel driveways are associated with many more benefits than may initially meet the eye. Let’s take a closer look.

Gravel Driveways

Why Choose Granite Driveway Solutions?

Unlike some other forms of paving, gravel is completely porous. It will prevent water from pooling and instead, all liquids will descend to the ground underneath. This is one of the reasons why gravel is frequently placed atop flat landscapes; the chances of pooling are dramatically reduced (if not eliminated altogether). As gravel is not a solid surface, it will never crack or bow when exposed to changing temperatures.

This material also offers excellent levels of traction. On a final note, these stones can be purchased in an incredible range of colours. They are therefore excellent solutions if you have been hoping to accentuate the exterior decor of your property.

Step Outside Landscapes is capable of installing gravel driveways that are designed around the desires of the property owner. Whether you are looking to replace an older surface or you have recently added a garage to your home, we are here to help. As always, please feel free to contact an expert directly to learn more.